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Clockwork Pet Game


Build and raised a robot.


A game for fans of steam-punk, robotics and amateurs of virtual pets.


Virtual pet game - Inspiration comes from games such

as "Tamagotchi" - where the player has control over the small world

of the characters and to a certain extent to decide on their fate. The only difference is that in my game the owner has full authority over the Robot - Pet, its growing process determined and controlled by the owner, as well as its features and capabilities. All your work can be shared with other users and shown on social networks of their choice.


In the game the player has the option to buy, mix - breed or build completely new own robots, each robot begins the process of it’s life as a small Bot. Bots evolve as far as the care and modernization

of the owner slowly expanding its capabilities and virtually grows.


The owner can modify their robots, change the parts, replace parts with other robots and even mix/breed them among themselves, leaving the outcome to chance, or if you want to can create

a completely new robot.



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Clockwork Pet Game


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