- The Cube Project -

- Interactive game installation -

"Cube" Title opening

typography - short animation

by Angelika Dlugozima

The Cube



An installation with four interactive games.

Games are designed around one basic motif: cube.


Image is screened on four walls of a big cube-screen.

Four users can play with four different games at the same time.

Each game is controlled with small motion-sensing paper cube (wiimote inside).


Project includes 4 games,

4 cube pilots ,

4 projectors,

1 cube screen,

and an ebook presentation.


The Cube ebook is free to download

in iBooks and iTunes.

[in polish only]



Master of the Arts Diploma work by Angelika Długozima

@ Pracownia Multimedi├│w SNM PJWSTK 2013.




- The Cube Logo -

"The Cube Logo" design for the Cube Project


A solid logo for all purposes of the whole project.

It was used in the majority of the  presentations, calling cards of all games and the documentation.

"The Cube Logotype" design for the Cube Project


It was the breakthrough that sold the idea of cubic games played in a free tree-dimensional environment.

- The Interactive CUBE ebook -

The interactive ebook was made for the porous of adding interactivity to the presentation.


A book with multimedia to present the games and the idea of the project.


Previews of games, additional pop up fun facts and a look in the built of the remotes.



In original plans a website was the alternative, but with the popularity of ipad's an ebook was chosen as a better choice  and the website was scrapped, mentioned in the project evolution documentary.

- The Cube remotes and Cubic screen -

The Cube Project interactive remotes are all handmade cubes and each contain a wiimote.

The cube screen is hanged in the middle of the room, and 4 games are being projected on each side.

- The games -

4 Games were made for each side of the Cubic screen.


All games are made in Flash, all are monochromatic and all have to do with cubes.


The fun part of the game play is setting all games in a free movement environment.

PIXEL - a drawing game, on a canvas of cubes each time the gamer hovers over, the cubes fill out or disappear and it's challenging to create a picture.


PYRAMID - a demolition fun game, cubes fall on a platform and if you want to build a pyramid you need to demolish falling over cubes, the cubes keep toppling over and over.


LABYRINTH - a labyrinth that upon finishing rotes and becomes a new layout.


PONG - a simple game of pong set in a free movement environment with the cube remote.

Coming Soon