Angelika Dlugozima





Who I am

I'm a visual and graphic design professional,

with over a 4 years’ experience, with a superb eye for digital media.


My skills include all aspects of design

from business cards, flyers and catalog layouts to large scale graphics.

I am an expert in Adobe Creative Suite

(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).


In addition, I have a considerate experience in web design,

web banners, landing pages and full sites.


I have excellent interpersonal and organization skills,

able to collaborate as a team member or alone with minimal supervision.

What I do

  • UI User Interface design
  • Visual Design
  • Graphics/Graphic design
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Patterns
  • Mock ups
  • Layouts
  • Translating Wireframes to visuals
  • Brand Design
  • Web design
  • Front-end developing
  • Defining aesthetics/creativity
  • Creative thinking
  • Convective Thinking




My Skills and Abilities

  • Expert in Adobe CC: Photoshop,

Advanced: Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Muse

Proficient: InDesign, After Effects, Flash


I’m an Expert in:

  • MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point,
  • Editorial in iBooks Author,
  • Graphic design,
  • Layout,
  • UI design,
  • Vector Graphic design,
  • Branding design, Logo, Business Card,
  • Poster design.


Advanced in:

  • Print,
  • Typography and digital text design and calligraphy.
  • Hand Crafting,
  • Sculpture and visual structures.


Excellent in:

  • Illustration, Drawing and composition, Painting,
  • Photography & Digital Manipulation.
  • Strong in Advertising design,
  • Editorial and publishing design, Packaging design,
  • Web design HTML and CSS.


Proficient in:

  •  game design,
  •  3D modeling: Autodesk Maya, 3D Max, Blender and Sketch Up.


Postgraduate Education P.G.C.


September 2014 – April 2015

Master Studies Degree M.A.


September 2009 - February 2013

Bachelor Studies Degree B.A.


September 2005 - September 2009

New York Business Institute NYBI New York, USA


Web Design Program Diploma ,NYBI P.G.C.


Department: Web Design Program, WD

Field of study: Web Design, Management and Administration

Specialization: Web Design

Polish - Japanese Academy Of Information Technology, PJWSTK

Warsaw, Poland


Completed With A Title: Master Of Arts M.A.


Department: New Media Arts, SNM – Sztuka Nowych Mediów

Field Of Study: Multimedia

Specialization: Visualization

Polish - Japanese Academy Of Information Technology, PJWSTK

Warsaw, Poland


Completed With A Title: Bachelor Of Arts B.A.


Department: New Media Arts, SNM – Sztuka Nowych Mediów

Field Of Study: Graphics

Specialization: Visualization

career history

Graphic Designer


November 2016 – Present

KJcorp Inc, New York, USA


- Responsible for translating complex concepts and data into compelling visuals for media outreach. Achieved results with cross communication management.

- Responsible for advertisement design, banners and signage, from concept through completion;

- Delivered production-ready graphics for HTML and CSS for all marketing assets and maintained consistent use of graphic imagery in all materials and other marketing outreach.


Junior Graphic Designer


March 2016 – October 2016

Alice Media Consulting, New York, USA


- I designed ads, trade show banners and signage from concept through completion; generate computer graphics and layouts, graphic elements and photography for slides and presentations.

- Redesigned layouts for UX/UI.

- Generated new ideas with limited direction and translated discussions into leading on-demand app design; designed visual elements for concepts for apps, customer experience.

Graphic Designer


May 2015 – Feb 2016

Bezeora Sp. Zo.O. & Tvfair, HQ in Warsaw, Poland



- Responsible for designing a new look, new Logo and branding of the product. Achieved a cross-functional application in communication with product managing and engineering.

- Designed new on-brand visual elements to effectively convey concepts and messaging for mobile apps and customer experience – wireframe designs.

- Collaborated with engineering on various web, mobile and tablet application interfaces.

- Responsible for designing brand Logos and Logotypes and oversaw all product visuals; generated computer graphics and page layouts, graphic elements and photography for multi and social media.

- Making technical blueprints for products, and packaging design.

- Communicated with co-workers and engineers on various aspects of product web, mobile and tablet application interfaces.

Reliance Designer & Contract Work


May 2014 – MAy 2015

-Design advertisements, flayers and maps.

-Generate graphic arts, elements and icons.

-Photography and photo editing.

-Web design and layouts.

-Branding, Logo design and business card design.


Graphic Design, Photography, Special Projects